Random Journal

Journal Easter 2009

Easter Sunday, 12 April:
This morning was perfectly glorious – clear skies, bright sun – so I started writing letters to Elaine and Pam H, then went out for a spin down the A34 to the Waggon and Horses near Congleton.

Lots of discussion in the papers about global economic downturn. One article reports on Archbishop’s Easter Message, saying that it has exposed the futility of materialism and sexual freedom.
Another item on same page relates how Chancellor Darling is going to bribe car owners with £2,000 to scrap their old motors and buy new ones. Thus securing jobs for Korean car makers. Ha.

Monday 13 April: Went out on bike up towards Preston, later went to cinema to see ‘Bronson’ about our most famous psychopath. Horrible film – v brutal and nasty, but amazing soundtrack – PSB, Bruckner, Wagner, Strauss, Verdi.

Then walking back to the G-Mex tram stop I passed the Bridgewater Hall, where the Zombies are performing O and O on 24 Apr. aargh! Clash with Slappers Rally.

Tues 14 April: Phone call from Reed – they didn’t give the company name, but they want to put me forward for Bitrez in Wigan.

Applied to 2 posts on the Jobcentre Plus website. Reed in Warrington have just called – she didn’t realise I’d already signed a candidate info form.

Went to Farnworth and bought 3 CDs from a charity shop. Two were compilations (Uncut June 2006) but the third was something called ‘Spirit of Reiki and Chakra’ and turned out to the bland-blend lounge muzak. Not especially uplifting or spiritual.

In the movie ‘Bronson’ we don’t see Charlie undergoing any kind of development or growth. He becomes violent and ends up being beaten to a pulp. No sign of self-awareness or remorse.
Although he does look odd when trying to walk into his parents’ house, with furniture and carpets, an alien environment.

31 July: On Weds night went to see ‘Taking of Pelham 123’ a NY Subway thriller remake movie.

Last night with Andy and his mate from Church to Velvet for dinner.

Today at work was Dave Earnshaw’s last day – went to Midway pub for lunch, and I got called back for not paying.

Rejection letter from Keith M at Eastman – I’d written asking if they had any customers in the West Midlands area who would need my expertise for the composites cluster.

Sat 1 August: today I was tidying up my man-drawer and searching for the Pritt Stick. Sorted out all the ancient receipts and threw them away, and as I went to put the drawer back on its runners, a stray receipt (or was it a bus ticket?) fluttered to the ground. Anyway, it was dated 01 Aug 2008.

My downstairs neighbour – the lovely Baden – is back after a three-month absence. I wonder if he’s been staying with friends? After all, he knows plenty of people in the Northallerton YOI.
It sounds as if the lovely Baden is having a long, angry conversation on his cellular telephone downstairs – much banging and shouting.

Not like Iris Murdoch, whose characters (dithering buttoned-up intellectuals) have no mobiles or e-mails.

Tues 7 Apr 09: Don’t go out tonight – Man U playing Porto.
In the news: UK unemployment expected to hit 3.2 million sometime next year, just when old Gordon calls a Gen Election.

More grim urban squalor, as two feral lads (brothers) from a care home in Doncaster are in custody after two other young lads were beaten and tortured. According to the paper, the victims (aged 9 and 11) were nephew and uncle.

Davy on the Brink…


Did Davy ever walk along the beach at night
Hearing the waves in Charlestown Bay?

As each one hits the shore
It splits apart and spills
The silver light that lets us dream again.

He did these things, and saw it for himself;
Waiting, watching from the cliff,

Although there isn’t much to see
Behind him in the tavern’s light and noise
His friends take refuge in their shared belief

That he has madness. A
Cousin of Lucifer, ‘The Man Who Captured Light’.

They’ve heard the tales, but none is really sure
What to believe. ‘He’s out
There now’, says one. ‘You’d think

He wants to find a way to
Prise apart the very dark itself.’ Another pipes up

‘One day, I hear it said, he
Took a dainty goblet full of powdered chalk
And with two wires teased it back and forth’

He paused, the others turned to look; ‘and

He described the silver bubbles coming forth
And bursting into flames. Who but the fiend
Would ever contemplate
Bewitchment such as this?’

They do not know that yesterday
Young Davy breathed an unseen gallon
Of the most delightful gas. At once his hands
Felt huge and weightless, many miles away; the

Gravestones were rushing deep into themselves, the
Sky an avalanche of silk. A stream
Of piss became an errant whip of golden sparks. It seemed

That all creation was alive
With urgent possibilities that none had seen
Until today. This, he thought, must be how God
Beholds the world and how He wanted it to be.