Fallen Before Pride


Journal Entry, 20 Nov 97: Today at work we were issued with payslips together with an ‘Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire’ on which to register how blissfully happy we were at work.
Also a memo (rumoured) saying that the factory was to open on Fri 2 Jan, and that people were required to turn up in scruffy clothes and carry out cleaning duties.
Questionnaire survey: our attitude to company, products, rates of pay, management and quality improvement.

In the news: Gary Glitter (evergreen seventies pop star) has been arrested and shedfuls of child porn recovered from his house. Allegedly.
23 Nov 97: Quiz Nite and ‘70s Disco. And what music did they play? ‘Silver Machine’ and ‘Do You Wanna Touch Me There?’

3 Jan 98: Another lifetime over and a new one just begun. Got down to Cornwall on Xmas Eve. Went to Penzance, bought Xmas pressies for Manda, visited General Clothing store, went to Truro. Weather – appalling, floods, gales.
Saw ‘Perfect Day’ video for the first time; went to flicks to see new Bond movie, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’.

For a week or so, papers have been full of story about a Cabinet Minister’s son caught selling dope. Yesterday it was revealed that the Dad in question was Home Secretary Jack Straw.

9 Feb 98: Dave rang – he’s into karate, badminton, snooker and cinema. Am just about to post my advert to AWOL, arranged to go to Duncan on Thurs night. Last night went to see ‘Crash’ at Metro, then to Curzon’s.
[Note: ‘Duncan’ is the Admiral Duncan pub in Nott’m. ‘Crash’ is a David Cronenberg film based on the J G Ballard novel. Several local authorities had refused to allow the film to be screened due to the sex and violence]

27 Jun 98: Pride march and festival postponed cos only 30 percent of tickets have been sold.

8 Jul 17: London Pride march attracted support from Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and the Lord Mayor of Westminster. About 26000 marchers took part. Corporate floats from major retailers, Armed forces, Met Police etc. Peter Tatchell says – with some justification – that the entire event has become sanitised and commercial, with no real ethos of protest against inequality.

8 Sep 98: Baxenden interview yesterday: I was completely hungover and staggered round drinking orange and lemonade and paracetamol. Pair of rams’ horns over me in restaurant. Questions: what can I contribute, personality clashes, supervisory experience.

27 Oct 98: Last night went with Heather, Paul and Liz to see ‘Velvet Goldmine’, the new Glam Rock film at the Broadway cinema in Nott’m –   or should that be ‘Glam Cock’ since Ewan McGregor whips out his knob during proceedings.
At work prepared conversion chart for B4 and Din 4 viscosity cups.
In the news – Welsh Secretary Ron Davies had his car stolen last night by a stranger on Clapham Common and has now resigned.

Pain Without Words

Tonight the trees are angry; the wind
Has blown away the stars, and
The sky a violet darker than any black.
Not fulfilled, not consumed, my life still hangs
In a dark window. Beyond, a landscape
Shows complex desolation.



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