Santa Phailure

Journal Entry, 14 Dec 98: What a Santastic Weekend!

1.       A young boy in ASDA had to ask one of the store assistants to wake their snoozing Father Xmas.
2.      A huge gathering of Santas failed to make the record books when only two people turned up.
3.      Half-time entertainment at the Villa ground was a skydiving Santa. Alas, he missed the pitch and landed on the roof, breaking both legs.

Today at work sat in on managers’ meeting. Not that exciting.

Last Friday – in my absence – a huge list of short term projects (some not so short) was issued with a demand for deadlines.

16 Dec 98: Last night went to MAG meeting where two newcomers turned up, Paul and Matt; an ex-con who chatted drunkenly to me.

Today at work; Mike came into lab with an Xmas card for us all to sign, for Sherwin-Williams.

Overtime at work, shifting warehouse stuff. Eleven pounds an hour. I told them I would be in Cornwall but they still seemed annoyed when I said no.

Blagden’s have noticed lumps in our 630-line paint (made at Stokes); we have no retain samples because I was booted off the team. 


Farewell, Peter

Does anybody here remember
Stanley Moon?
Remember ‘How’ he said,
And ‘Where’ and ‘When’ and ‘Why’
Some sunny day?

Does anybody here
Want to forget Bill Gates?
Erase deliberately once or twice again
An avalanche of microstates
We label ‘Who’ and ‘How’ and ‘When’.

‘Cos somewhere floating round about
Are words that bring to life this tune
They wait for time to desiccate
And fall upon the ground like snow
To celebrate the life of Stanley Moon



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