Mushroom Skin Cadenza I

Journal entry, 9 Dec 2008: Set out this morning at 8.50 to get tram. Arrived at Stretford, 9.05 to find a huge crowd. Each arriving Metro was so crowded that no-one could get on. Eventually a double-length tram arrived at 9.40 and we all piled on for Bury. Hopped off at St Peter’s Square to transfer.
Got a Piccadilly tram and arrived at main statin, sprinted up escalators and along concourse, spotted my train and jumped on board with about fifteen seconds to go before departure.
Got to Carrs Paints by cab and had a long friendly chat with Steve Earles; “We’ve never met, but I feel as though I know you ‘cos we still make use of your old lab notebooks.”

Chatted briefly to Roger Shepherd – rang Lilian, came back to Manchester and dined at Bella Pasta (just like I did on way home from Ferro Alloys in Glossop all those years ago), then got home to find glitter-filled card from Mary and John.

During our chat, SE asked me about my experience in problem-solving and lean management – none, really said I. He said they would continue interviewing people and they’d let me know at the end of Jan, which is a fairly discreet way of saying ‘we’re not that interested.’

Journal entry, 7 Feb 2009: A couple of weeks back I had an e-mail message from Whitehall saying that Carrs had decided to suspend their recruitment programme in response to the global turndown.
However, I notice that this vacancy – No. 50/8 – is still listed in Whitehall’s JOCCA advert in today’s copy of Surface Coatings International.
Rather like in 1992, when I had an interview with Carrs Paints, and was notified that I would be offered the job, only to learn a few weeks later that they had suspended all recruitment activities.

Journal entry, 26 Jan 2009: Back to work today after four days in Woolwich. They had already held one consultation meeting, and Jemma had taken notes as our rep.

Someone asked SS whether we would be getting a pay rise as part of our deal for transferring Down South, and he said something like –
“You should welcome the challenge of a new workplace and the job satisfaction of being among your colleagues should provide motivation. Pay rates at EC are very competitive and the cost of living is no more down in London than it is here.”

Which is all, in my humble opinion, rubbish.

The production staff at Woolwich manufacture blue and violet dyestuffs, and consequently they end up intensely purple. So when someone asked me ‘How was Woolwich?’ I said ‘Imagine if you invited Prince to direct an episode of Deep Space Nine.’


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