Ben Zim I Dazzle Own

The love song of Ben Zim Idazolone

Journal entry, 15 Feb 2007: Had e-mail from Lillian at Whitehall; apparently Becker’s don’t want me either cos I’ve got no experience in formulating or site visits.

16 Feb: Alan D has been trying to match up our subjective gloss estimates – 1 trace, 2 traces etc – with glossmeter readings. Meanwhile we are now going to add lead chromate replacements to our pigment bibles.
I was in the sales office and Andrew said something about me preparing for our trip to Nuremberg in May. Mike Allen looked shocked.

24 Feb: Train crash in Cumbria, Virgin train derailed and slid down embankment. Latest budget estimate for the 2012 Olympic Games is 9 billion pounds.

25 Feb: Meanwhile at work young Adam has been working on inks made from a blue dye complex.
The Dev Lab will typically bombard him with between 10 and 14 samples, each of which is used to prepare an ink. The inks are then kept for 100 days at RT, during which their viscosity is measured every two weeks (but the Brookfield instrument is not correctly used). So he ended up with a lovely graph showing viscosity against time, but no checks made on pH or colour shade drift.

3 Mar: Over the past 18 months at EC, I’ve occasionally mentioned that dispersing agents might be helpful in the paint work. Adrian has always maintained that we can’t use them because we need to inspect our pigments in their pure form with no interfering factors.

Then, yesterday had call from Andrew F – he and Tenchy have come up with some kind of project, adding yellow 150, 154, 155 and 184 to the paint range instead of yellow 151. But we’re going to team up with Khalid Siddiqi – the Noveon chap – at using Solsperse to ooptimise dispersion.

8 Mar: Andrew and I have been exchanging e-mail messages regarding new yellow pigments. He sent the entire lot to Dave Tench asking for comments and advice, and received the terse reply: “Stick with Tim’s ideas then. What do I no.” (sic)

A Beard of Stars (9 Mar 07)

Too Regal for the Zonophone they wait, so
Every scratch on this LP
(And thousands of them I observe
Not counting the long and winding ones
That occupy the faces one and two)
Seems a line from a poem
A hair from the storm of light
A black cat prowling through the night.

Regal Zonophone! SLRZ 1013
You intersect with some forgotten rays
The past itself would start to breathe
From this corrupted disc
(How eagerly my soul would take
Its own corruption as an epitaph)
If only we could play again
Allow black spiral to unwind, before
The dream exhales a beard of stars.

(6 May 07: Last night on Radio 2, bob Harris played a track from this LP and pointed out it was a vinyl record on the old Regal Zonophone label)


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