Xqizit-Zombii Greens

Journal Entry, 24 Jun ’09: Am sat here drinking French dry white and listening to Radio 3, an elderly recording of Ben Britten conducting Brandenburg II, which reminded me of Gomeldon Avenue and Dad’s double album of JSB selected by Joseph Cooper.
Last night B- and I went to kino to see ‘Last House on the Left’ which ws good, but would have been far better if they hadn’t put all the best bits in the trailer.
At work, Dave Earnshaw was going through some drawers and found a key labelled ‘Eileen’s Middle Door’ which sent us into hysterics. Meanwhile, Eileen has lent me her copy of ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’.

25 Jun ’09: Tonight I logged onto Skype and rang Andy and Reina, had nice long chat. He got drunk and her bike got vandalised.
Then I rang John and Alan; apparently they were just passing round my postcard from Germany and were stunned that I’d chosen that moment to call.
Tomorrow – take books for Rob P to practice interview technique.

26 Jun ’09: Today’s news – Michael Jackson has died from heart failure.

28 Jun ’09: I was looking at my old copies of BSH, wondering whether or not to chuck them out, and issue no.163 includes:
A review of the Sewer Rats first rally
Listing of the PILRC formation and the Nottingham Toy run (where I met Tim)
Letter from Geoff Eborall complaining about Rick Hulse

Sat morning David from Hot City called in (an hour late!) to check my fusebox for the annual safety inspection at 11.55
Went to Blackpool Rugby Club for rally: apart from the MAG gang, there was nobody there I knew. Had three pints and went to bed. I think. My Gayger counter started ticking furiously at a rather dishy grey bear. Bill Green suggested 3M in Clitheroe for work – their website lists a pay range 23 – 25K for new graduates.

23 Jul ’09: Anniversary of starting work at STL in 2001?
Found a job advert on Reed website – terribly vague, carries only a set of generic phrases such as ‘Do you have an appropriate level of knowledge?’

Borrowed Gray’s Goethe from the library again: it’s long and tormented but not very clear. Long long long sentences, almost as if he’s afraid to mention the gruesome subject matter. But the book is pitched at “…for the general reader and student, an introductory text.”

Today at work we had a visit from one of the neighbouring residents: last night the police arrested two oiks who had broken into the factory. Then the police came and surrounded the place cos there were two more lads in there.

25 Jul ’09: Problem solving skills: at work, everyone used to get confused by the alignment of labels in the printer for making Smart Stamps. So I turned the printer round through ninety degrees and lo! The screen image corresponded to the location of printed labels.

6 Aug ’09: New library books: Black Ice (Cyber-Terrorism), Hunter’s Moon (thriller) and The Age of Improvement by Asa Briggs, which is a bit like an England-centred version of my Open Uni course A207.
Meanwhile at work I was browsing t’internet and found a press release from our friends at Union Colour. It says that they have purchased the Technical Centre from former rival company European Colour who went into administration in April. Then it says: ‘…they have re-employed many of the staff from that plant’ which rather gives the impression that they have taken us over and come to the rescue of an ailing firm, when what actually happened was:
Sue Grecian was poached from the sales dept
Mike Allen was poached from the sales dept
Dave Coney retired but started phoning up to get loads of production technical info from his ex-colleagues, without revealing who he was actually working for, and
Poggy was made redundant but made sure the UC crew were kept up to date with proceedings during our financial turmoil.

17 Aug ’09: On Sat morning I rode to A-Plant (portakabin hire place) and came back, and this morning was the first time since then that I rode my bike. When I left the house I noticed that around the front wheel had been placed several thin pieces of wood, regularly studded with nails, probably from a window frame.
One of these had an end trapped beneath the bin; yet I couldn’t have ridden over them – and into my current location – without sustaining a puncture.

23 Aug ’09: Went to work Fri morning, picked up bike, came back and walked up the garden to the house. All the builders (one of whom looked about 14) stopped and stared at me. Loaded bike up, set off for Green Man festival, and got stuck in traffic cos it was the V Festival as well.

27 Aug ’09: Last day (minus one) at ECP.

Today on way home I saw a young lady biker sitting on pavement so I pulled up to see if she was okay – she hadn’t fallen off, just felt a bit dizzy.
Went to library and found that Tolstoy’s novel AK had been shelved among the other authors’ names beginning with K. One would expect library staff to be familiar with this work.

28 Aug ’09: Rode to work on m’way, Pennines looked like a set of cardboard stage flats, smooth, uniform grey shapes. Said goodbye to Hell’s Kitchen and got a farewell hug. Iron Mountain came and took away our archive paperwork boxes (but only after I had rescued the invoice file for Luke at Mazars).
Went to pub for lunch, during which Eileen mentioned Poggy’s girlfriend by name. ‘You know’ said I, ‘He’s never referred to her by name in all the four years I’ve been here.’



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