Obscure Glaperos PP Zoid

Journal Entries April 2004:

It’s Mike’s wedding anniversary tonight so he’s out to dinner and I’m taking the machine in tomorrow 2 p.m. after the dentist at 12.00
Today’s newspapers: the Sun has got David Beckham on the front page – again – just cos he’s had a skinhead haircut.
We’ve seen all this before.
And they could have used page one to cover the war in Iraq, or the impending referendum on the EU constitution, or the dozen people arrested in Manchester as part of a counter-terror campaign.
On the Johnnie Walker show, he was reading out a listing for the TOGS weekend – ‘…and the fancy-dress theme is pantomime…’ – here he paused briefly so Sally Beausmann jumped straight in with ‘It’s midnight already and still no sign of Dick!’

30 Jan ’04: At work we’ve got six or seven pallets of Uretech stuff (moisture-cured PU resin) – all the out-of-date material brought into the paint shop.
Various batches – black, white and grey – being cut open and scraped into a couple of huge pans ready to be mixed and decanted and relabelled.
7 Jul ’06: First anniversary of the London tube bombings. Sarah Kennedy has just played ‘Captain of her Heart’ which took me back to 1986 when I was in my final year at Leicester Poly living in a small house that smelled of blue paint.
At work yesterday, Jemma remarked that one of her schoolfriends recalled being told by the teacher that all humans were originally black, and that God asked them all to bathe in the pool of goodness which turned them white. The slow and stupid ones, manageing only to wet the palms of their hands, remained black.
It only later occurred to me that this meant that there were no black pupils at that school – which sounds really bizarre.
I was told by Alan that everybody is to be awarded a 2.5 percent pay rise except myself ‘cos I haven’t been with the company for a full year.

29 May ’07: Posted cheque to WWF Credit Card – £250.
Posted job application to Dr Wang at Vertellus Biomaterials.
Had e-mail from Di, telling me that Nessie had passed away. Will send Elaine a condolence card – irises.
This morning I was chatting to Alastair and showed him some of my rally photos. He raised an eyebrow and said ‘I’d be careful about showing these to other people, they might…’ and he trailed off, obviously scared that I might say something wildly indiscreet.

The parents of Madelaine McCann (four-year-old girl abducted from holiday apartment in Portugal) have gone to see the Pope to get their daughter back. Well, I thought – if the Catholic Church doesn’t know about child sex abuse, who does?
But these parents are being remarkably media-savvy, setting up fundraising and publicity schemes. Not really overcome with grief.

4 Sep ’07: Have been at work (EC) for two years tomorrow; wot have I done during that time?
Antwerp (twice), Nuremberg (once), 3 funerals (Mel, Ian, Val).
Two distance learning business courses (RDI and OU), sold the CB and bought the Deauville, learned a bit about pigments, made a lot of bibles, joined the Manchester OCCA committee.


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