Composition in Black, Black and Black

Journal Entries, January 2008:

Ambient Necrolithic Vibes

From every major work of art
We feel the missing segments resonate
Our culture manages to leave us blind
While strangers, briefly passing, see the truth.

This can be my starting-point;
A sequence of analytical preludes
Small in taste and sharp design
Menaced by a cloud of empty verbs.

From time to time we overhear
A perfect storm of measured notes
That turn with skill from key to darker key
And burn the lover’s chariot of strokes.

Some Hollywood movies carry a simmering homoerotic ambience between the two male leads; however, the film Brokeback Mountain had no such ambiguity but rather a direct sexual liaison – but not really erotic.

And yesterday it was announced that Heath Ledger – one of the co-stars – has died from a suspected drugs overdose.

Also yesterday I had a call on my mobile from Laura at AI Claims, working for Avis Car Hire. Reference number 612658. When I rang them to enquire I was told that the car I had rented – and scratched – had been involved in an (unspecified) incident at the times and place where I had reported the damage.

Do tell, I barked down the phone. I have no recollection of being involved in an ‘incident’. Is this a matter for the police?

And now I arrived home tonight to find the wheelie-bins moved out to block the path leading to our back garden. An artificial flower was threaded through one of the bin lids, and the rubbish – a small multi-gym – was spread out behind them in a line.

Rang AI insurance to say that I was worried about my bike insurance being rendered invalid by a presence on my file of this non-existent incident.

Yesterday (how long ago that seems) I joined the others for the ‘Twelve Cities in Twelve Hours’ charity bike run. Left here at 5.30 a.m. and exactly 12 hours later I was riding through Stoke, so technically I fulfilled the goal.

Had trouble keeping group together so we got split up a few times. I lost the others then shot off to Derby where I caught them up again.

Rode back to Fringe and met up with Brett and Martin; most of the others were there.

Then today at work had snotty e-mail from D Tench – I had told him that my orange panels were full shade and 1/3 tint, but he didn’t believe me. Forwarded this to Adrian, Andrew and George, adding that I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

Darren made a strange comment today – apparently Iain Firth went ballistic when he found out that EC Pigments was looking for his replacement without asking him. And apparently I was the only candidate interviewed for the post.

Yesterday me and Brett went to see Sweeney Todd, the new film starring (deep breath) Johnny Depp Sasha Baron Cohen Helena Bonham-Carter Tim Spall and Alan Rickman.

Then last night v clear skies and this morning was frosty and at 10.50 I set off for Blackburn to join the Fred Hill run. Weather delightful, bright and clear, about 60 bikes on the run, went to Cathedral then a brisk ride out and back to the pub.

Today was the Manchester United-City Derby match – 50th anniversary of the Munich Plane Crash. Everyone was expecting trouble, but as it turned out all the fans observed a minute’s silence in good faith.

Logged on to the PRAS ‘Question and Answer’ forum where industry experts give replies to enquiries. Paul Anderson of PERA responded to a question about PP saying it was ‘very difficult to bond’ so I sent him an e-mail pointing out that primers could be used.

Today’s Independent has a discussion of the painting by Braque of the Rio Tinto Factory. Which reminds me of the time Dave W sent me that JPEG of Masons’ site during demolition with the fallen galvanised ducting looking like a Paul Nash painting.


Song Twelve

I travelled to an unfamiliar pub
To catch up with my long-forgotten past
When you and I were more than friends
In a sort of dream that sort of couldn’t last.

And there you weren’t; I watched
The anxious door, on and off
All night as strangers entered
And ignored me ‘til I’d had enough.  



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