Steam i

Journal Entry, 19 October 2016:

In the news today – will it be Heathrow or Gatwick? The entire UK is gripped with a fever of excitement at the prospect of an additional airport runway, with campaign posters appearing all over the place (bus shelters in Leeds seemed to be unusually prone). Next week MPs will at long last make a decision on whether to hold a debate on the date for a committee meeting to decide on whether to hold an enquiry into the most suitable location for the new runway.

A couple of weeks ago Scientists announced that they had carried out an experiment where silkworms were fed on mulberry leaves which were watered with a very dilute solution containing carbon nanotubes and graphene flakes. The silk was harvested in the normal manner and analysed for standard physical parameters, when it was found that the fibres were much stronger than normal silk strands. It reminded me of Apollinaire’s line ‘Spiders when hands were weaving light’ from his poem ‘The Windows’.

The news also mentioned that Steam Complex has burned down and will not reopen.



And when at last
We had to say goodbye
He handed me a single rose
Whose colour I still
Struggle to describe.