Academic Disaster

Journal Entry, 24 Jul 2007:

Logged onto Wickerman website forum & found a torrent of complaints – bad site organisation, security staff who confiscated glass bottles and then got pissed on them, drug dealers hiding their stash in empty tents then attacking the occupants in order to retrieve it. Overdone corporate dependency.
Found a wasp crawling up my leg in the bathroom. They’re not all dead, then!
The Manchester Evening News has a column called ‘Celebritywatch’ where they report the public sightings of the Rich and Famous. Yesterday’s item had “Blondie superstar Deborah Harry looking for undies in Debenhams”.
How can anybody not know who Deborah Harry is?

Journal Entry, 17 Jun 2007:

Snatch MCC Rally post-mortem. Friday morning loaded bike up & set off for work – heavy rain. About 9.30 the rain eased off and by lunchtime it was sunny.
We rang Hell’s Kitchen and ordered hot roast beef and onion barms. Jemma had brought her own sarnies to work; I said ‘Surely we ought to go to the pub to celebrate her exam results?’ but the others confirmed that she was devastated at not being awarded a First.

Anyway, set off at 5.00 for rally, no traffic delays, no rain. Arrived about 6.00, bought ticket, set up tent. Fri night had one pint lager, went to bed.
Sat morn we all trooped off to Asda, bought food and wine, the off to café in Birkenhead guided by Scouse.
Sat afternoon we sat outside tents and I drank a bottle of Beaujolais. Went to have a lie down, woke up at 10.00, heard the band (Livewire) playing, went to clubhouse and had 2 pints lemonade. Then back to bed.

Journal Entry, 25 Sep 2007:

Yesterday Alan D came into my lab and said “We’ve been thinking about training.” I thought he was referring to my Open Uni courses, but it turned out he wanted me to put together presentations about paint for the benefit of the other staff. Apparently Steve S has requested this, and proposed that Dave Tench delivers the presentations.
Note: in 2005 I paid for a basic Management course with RDI, which I successfully passed. Then I approached Adrian to ask if the firm would fund my next course, a short Open Uni module on Project Management. He was very non-committal and said he’d look into it. Then, while he was away on holiday, I had a message from the Open Uni saying that the deadline for enrolment was approaching and did I want to be included? So I went to see Alan and explained the situation.

Journal Entry snippets:
And Adrian S asked me if I wanted the company to pay for my next college (OU) course.” (04 Aug ’06)
“I’ve started thinking of my PhD as a sort of indicator, like an asterisk in a paragraph of text, but one for which there is no footnote to consult. The asterisk just waits there, as if a word has learned how to wink.” (17 Aug ’06)
“Letter from the OU – why haven’t I sent in my registration documents yet?” (06 Sep ’06)
“Posted my Project Management form (Credit Card Abbey) to the OU. Although I’ve given my paperwork to Adrian and my letter reminder to Alan D, neither has come to me.” (14 Sep ’06)
“And I reminded both Alan and Adrian that my OU enrolment deadline was coming up but neither got back to me. So I paid by CC, £880.” (16 Oct ’06)


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