The Sound of Music 

They’re with me still; I carried them from place to place
At each address I’d set them up, in dignified array
And on a winter evening or a Christmas day spent all alone
Would listen to my old black vinyl tunes. 

The needle scrapes along the spiral groove, releasing
Tunes that rise like perfumed smoke
To fill the room with unseen vaults of happiness. 

The violins, and rock guitars, and nimble fingers dancing on the keys
Evoked a world of complicated joy;
But gradually the high notes disappeared from view
And the thing that I had never feared before came true. 

They’re with me still; you might say ‘What’s the point?’
A muffled roar is all my ears convey; but still
They conjure up a thousand memories, and
Just glancing at the covers makes my heart fill
Once again with melodies recalled.



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