Paint Chemist Rainbow Flag

Since I don’t have access to DTP or ChemDraw, I haven’t been able to construct the type of exhibition poster I had in mind; something tall and imposing, with six bands of colour using a mixture of paint, feather boas, and sequins with ball-and-stick models turning gently in the breeze. The point I wished to make was that colour chemistry is a serious branch of science, and if you don’t understand the significance of molecular structure you end up with slight problems – like 17,000 seats having to be replaced at Wembley Stadium because they weren’t light-fast…

Here’s my attempt at a whimsical poster showing some of the many, many options for pigment structures. And any good chemist will point out that the precursors to these pigments are also used in pharmaceutical and agrochemical manufacture, so there is always competition for raw materials.

I hope some dynamic youngster can run with this idea and produce a more glamorous wall-chart suitable for display at a conference – the 2017 LGBT STEMinar, for instance?



One thought on “Paint Chemist Rainbow Flag

  1. And I so, so badly wanted to launch an urban myth claiming that Hamilton originally wrote this song about the five colours of herbicide (Agents Pink/Blue/Green/Orange and Purple) used by the US against Vietnam in the sixties. But it had already been around for ten years by then….As if the Arsonic Acid salts and chlorinated pyridine acids weren’t bad enough, the defoliants were contaminated with high levels of dioxin, which had appalling consequences for the victims of this chemical warfare – color-coded slaughter juice.

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