Everybody Loves String…

Journal entry, 14 Feb 1988: Today on Radio 3 – Desperately Seeking Superstrings, Cambridge University Press. Violin string vibrates, different overtones, different sounds. Loop superstring vibrates, different harmonics, different particles. Quantum mechanics incompatible with general relativity. In The Beginning: two dimensions, 1 space, 1 time. Phase change up to ten dimensions, then phase change down to four – three space, one time. Ultrahigh energy; unimaginably minute distances.

10 Feb 1987: This morning sent off an application form to British Industrial Sand. Today went to MEB and Gas. Phoned Pam to say my house-sitting services were available. Last night on TV: BPI awards plus The Films of David Cronenberg, Rabid, Dead Zone, They Came from Within, Videodrome, The Fly. Must compose the Cronenberg Concerti.
On the news: writs issued against Duncan Campbell for his Zircon reporting. He was splendidly defiant, holding aloft a glass trophy for anyone who can demonstrate that he has damaged national security.

10 Mar 1988: Dear diary, still unemployed. Tonight out for drinks avec Julie. In the news: the Queen Mother has expressed dismay at the closure of a hospital ward which she opened barely a year ago.
PER is being sold off. Goethe’s Faust at the Lyric Hammersmith with Simon Callow. Been trying to read ‘Chicot the Jester’ by Dumas. Crime prevention by Neighbourhood Watch groups – launched by Douglas Hurd.

9 May 1987: Great furore in House of Commons as 20 MPs turned up to vote on gay teaching. Jill Knight paranoid about civilisation dying out; following her argument through, it follows from this that people are heterosexual simply because they’re taught to be while at school.

28 Sep 1992: Last Friday we were stocktaking at work and Mick & I were allocated the guncotton stores (‘the rat stores’). We went in with a hand torch and counted the barrels of nitrocellulose – alas, no rats. Note: I should have checked if all these were actually full, cos it caused panic when I reported the quantity I thought was present…
Then on the evening went with Mr D to Nuneaton for Mark and Cheryl’s wedding reception. Self-indulgent DJ played ‘Ebenezer Goode’ three times and didn’t know the names of the bride and groom.



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