Oceans of Rust

He keeps his wealth
(Although there isn’t really all that much to keep)
In a battered shoe that lies forgotten
On the windowsill in a scruffy rented room
With some old cassette tapes and a floppy disc
That holds the pinnacle of his life’s joy
Impossible to read; even if we were to suspect
That anything was there concealed…

Today I called into the Museum of Science and Industry, which is to be the venue for Manchester Section OCCA Seminar – The Three Cs, Colour, Coatings and Corrosion. Part of the museum is given over to the aerospace and aviation sector, with items relating to the development of the first jet engine.
The various displays are housed in separate buildings, one of which is the first ever railway warehouse, built in 1830; and here, on the upper floor, was an exhibition of works by Tania Kovats called ‘Evaporation’. This is a survey of marine science, with one room given over to three immense steel bowls which replicate the shapes of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. The bowls had been filled with sea water, which evaporated to leave a glinting residue of salt crystals.
The gallery was empty; a few prints and charts on the walls showed some aspects of the three oceans, while the rusted bowls stood on their white circular plinths surrounded by elegant, jagged shadows. The names of the oceans evoke ideas of vast, raging turmoil, while the room itself was calm to a point beyond silence.
Manchester OCCA Seminar, 14 March 2016; registration at 12.00, presentations begin at 1.00

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