A trip to Surfex 2008

Journal Entry, June 2008

Got train to Harrogate and walked down to the conference centre. Wandered round and saw Dave Williams with one of his ex-colleagues.
Peter Davys has arm in sling; he fell off a moped while on holiday. I went and chatted to various people – Sue from VIL, Rachel Evans, Roy Miller. Saw Brenda P and Barry on the ICorr stand. She wants me to apply for Chartered Scientist status from the Science Council.
Got train back to Leeds with Peter Munn – he commented that the Sci Council chap was ‘a nice boy’ and made an offensive limp-wrist gesture.

Meanwhile, today is Sun 8th June – had text from Vicky about the Girly Rally (Strong Survive).
In the news, Manchester is about to be given a guaranteed £3 billion (a loan, not a gift) to fund expansion of public transport. But: we must agree to impose congestion charge on drivers.

10 June 2008

Today at work had an e-mail from Steve Smith. Apparently Dave Coney (who retired last year as chief technician in the QC dept) has been ringing up the lab, collecting technical info on our production issues. Without actually telling us that he now works for a rival firm…

30 June 2008

Today at work had another meeting with Doctor Sir Lord Professor David Tench, all-knowing supreme being in the realm of paint. As usual he confused us all.
Meanwhile, in the news – some kid wandered in to his English exam and just wrote “f*** off” on his paper, which was awarded 7 percent.
Last night, Radiohead played the Old Trafford cricket ground so all the trains and buses were packed. One tram – with 300 on board – came off the rails and hit a lamp-post.

5 May 2008

Last Saturday we had a National Lottery draw; there were several winning tickets so each one got about 800 grand.  

Donnerstag 12 Aug

I ask you! 12 August, and this morning was cold, wet and miserable. Heavy rain and thunder right now. Rang Tim to ask about SOS Rally site; he gave me directions and mentioned that he’d been to Vince’s wedding (Val’s son).
Meanwhile, am listening to Doves (TLB) and reading ‘The Master’. I rang LK and we wallowed in grief at the death of Isaac Hayes (Shaft – right on!) and talked about me moving house and jobs.

13 Aug

Went to Ye Trafford Centre to buy a couple of birthday cards for Adrian. Credit crunch my arse – the place was PACKED! Swarms of happy shoppers with carrier bags. While browsing through the racks at WH Smiths I saw a greetings card with a picture of Mike O’Brien (the first streaker at Twickenham). Never ever seen that picture used on any form of merchandise before.

Sun 17 Aug

Yesterday rode down to Hilton for the SOS Rally. Spotted the road signs and followed them, then noticed a bike behind me so I let him overtake & followed him to rally site; much further on than I had expected.
Met some new people: Andy & Kim from Lincoln (floppy red hat) and Bev and John from Stalybridge. Tim and them had gone out on run so I didn’t see him til late in evening.
Also met Denise and Froggy from Unwanted, and as soon as I arrived on site bumped into Tango and Ruth.
Bands: Sat afternoon some emo-type outfit who did a Metallica-esque (Metallique?) set, v good singer.

Then in evening Scorched Earth (?) a four-piece with a lead singer who resembled Amy Winehouse and a guitarist who looked like an accountant. They performed two sets –Teenage Kicks, In A Broken Dream, Because The Night, River Deep Mountain High.
The rally site had a splendid OAQ (outflung arms quotient): there were fields of cattle, hills, trees, a few squat farmhouses and huge skeins of Canada geese sailing overhead in search of warmth.

10 May 2008

A few years back I registered with an employment agency called Reed Scientific, and applied for only a few jobs with them. Only now have they decided to send me a CPDS (candidate personal data statement) form to sign, without which they are unable to help me.
This form says ‘Reed may obtain, keep, use, produce and disclose records containing personal data about me, including trade union membership, religious or other beliefs, or alleged criminal offences.’




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