Leahy preaching…

Sir Terry Leahy (a good reason to decline a knighthood, if ever one was needed) has popped up in Ye Telegraffe again saying that the private sector approach is the only way to solve Britain’s economic woes. Maybe, but…
I understand that commercial enterprises exist to generate income for their shareholders by making the highest level of profit; this is done by using cheap labour and poor quality raw materials, leading to finished goods which need frequent upgrading or replacement.
We could always use this approach for the armed forces, but then you would end up with front-line squaddies having boots that don’t fit and guns that don’t fire. Or you could end up with nuclear subs that start falling to bits ‘cos of unexpected corrosion.
But old Tel is a Sir, so he’s probably right and I’m probably wrong; we’ll see in a few years…
And four days ago:
Several of today’s papers carried the story about Justin Byrne, the newly-appointed coach of an under-tens football team in Buckinghamshire, who sent an e-mail to parents informing them that he was “only interested in winning” and that “everything they (the kids) are likely to do in life will be competitive so my view is to get them used to it.”
I can understand his views, but perhaps they would be more appropriate to an under-21s team rather than primary-school kids.
And if he had gone to the NEC bike show he could have picked up The Telegraph with a free scrummy bar of Galaxy and a DVD profile of Mike Hailwood – surely one of the most competitive of men – who during the 1973 South African Grand Prix abandoned the race in order to rescue rival driver Clay Regazzoni from a burning car following a crash.
Winning is nice; but it isn’t everything….


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