The Lullaby Effect

My blogging has dried up; the flood of words and ideas that I so enjoyed creating and sharing is now a feeble stream. I wonder why? Perhaps…

I think I shall hop onto my ‘Gaydar’ profile and update it with some more accurate details. Like the books I enjoy reading rather than the authors whose names will impress potential suitors (and ditto the musical performers, not all of whom are stars…but they mean a lot to me)…

Many years ago I went to a charity shop in Swinton and bought a secondhand copy of ‘Lullaby’ by Chuck Palahniuk. This fascinating tome has about four interleaving narratives and more drama than a dozen ordinary novels.
After purchasing this book I went to get the bus home, only to find there was a forty-minute wait for the next one…and my standard response to a situation like this is to head for a café and eat bacon sandwiches to kill the time.
While there, I began browsing through the various tabloid papers that had been left for diners; and in the Sun, I found a story about children who had been severely injured during the ongoing military conflict in Iraq. Since there were no advanced medical facilities in that country, the youngsters had been transported to the states for treatment, and the article described how senior officials in the US administration had pulled strings, cut corners, and generally turned a blind eye to protocol so that these kids could receive urgent medical attention.
Crude propaganda, certainly; but I finished reading with wet eyes, and was left feeling that this kind of humanitarian support was marvellous, while the appalling conflict which made it necessary was not.