Toilet profanity, profane toiletries…

Journal Entry, 22 Sep ’95:
Been spending money with a vengeance – bought suit from Ciro. On Wed 13 had interview with Rocol in Swillington, heard nothing back yet so presumably no good.
Last night found message on machine from Indestructible Paints, arranged an interview for Monday 5.00.
Karate grading test in two weeks. Bought pushbike.
At work Dave Cockerill (Works Manager) treated us all to an onslaught of profanity concerning the phantom graffiti artist in the bogs.
(Notes: this ‘onslaught of profanity’ came about because the gents’ toilet walls had been decorated with lots of  abusive comments about various topics including Aston Villa and the managers at Carrs, including Dave C. He summoned us all to a meeting in the canteen and laid into us with a broad Geordie accent: ‘The steet of that toolet is a fookin’ dusgrease an’ when I find oot who’s responsible they’ll wish they were never born!’ After this he arranged for the graffiti to be removed, and had a Yale lock fitted to the toilet door, so that we were forced to approach the lab manager and ask ‘Can I have a pee please, Bob?’
Shortly before this incident, Sunderland (Dave C’s footie team) had lost to Liverpool, and one of my colleagues remarked – in a fake Geordie accent – ‘When ah feened oot who’s scored that fookin’ gaul, they’ll wish they were never born!’)

Journal Entry, 3 April ’96:
Last night went up to Derby for interview with Mason Paints (this morning at 9.00). Wandered round city looking for factory, went for pizza, went to B-and-B.
Interview – John and Mike, intensive grilling about salary/work history/industrial experience etc. Unfortunately they had received my details from two different recruitment agencies so won’t be willing to pay both.
Derby nice place – people fishing in river. Swans, geese, lit up cathedral. Horrendous one-way system.

Journal Entry, 13 Dec ’95:
At work Bob Lander rang Stu (lab manager) at home to complain about Vijay and George eating their lunch at 3 p.m. Apparently they had worked through lunch hour to complete a job.


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