Music and Lies…

Music and Lies…

Panufnik drifting from a nearby room
Charms the stripes of darkness into knots; they
Make me think of Mediaeval signatures.
I sat there waiting on her doorstep like a fool
As all around, I felt the night grow
Steadily more cold…


Journal Entries: list of job applications etc
March 1987: Tufnol, Holden’s Paints, Halesowen College, Kodak, Pyrene Chemicals, Alcan, Bevaloid, May & Baker, Lever Bros, Leavlite, Astleys, F Ball, Alfred Adams, A & W, Autotype, Berger, Cyanamid, Eagle Paints, Reckitt & Colman
Sept 1987: Bostock, Hill & Rigby, Magnesium Elektron, London International Group, Trent Poly, Supra Chemicals, OMI International, Delta Extruded Metals, Mander Inks, Becker Coatings, Resolution Chemicals, Century Oils
Jan 1988: CP Pharmaceuticals, Tate & Lyle, Carello Lighting, Thames Water, Fosroc, Firth Furnishing, Himont-Cole, Shirley Institute, Cuprinol, Aston Uni, Polymer Laboratories, Blythe Colours, J Whelan, Oxford Poly, BMARC, Courtaulds, ECLP, Trace Labs
March 1988: Derwent, Morton Thiokol, Nat Rivers Authority, Crown Berger, Railko
July 1989: Kent Ind Measurement, BTTG, EDRC Capenhurst, Whatman, ICI Paints, English Abrasives, Beta Technology, A&W, Henkel, Alcan, Harco
Jan 1991: Shell, UCB Films, Diversey, T&N Technology, Euromedica, BIP

Journal Entries, June 1991:
Sat 8: Last night went to see Robert de Niro in ‘Guilty by Suspicion’ at George St, Screen 2. Would have been much better on the big screen at Magdalen St. Then went to pub, saw Jamie and Rob and his mate Alastair.
Sun 9: Today went swimming before dinner. Yesterday went to Randolph Hotel for cream tea with Pam, John and Rob H (who picked up his Doctorate) and saw Stephen Hawking trundling around.
Sun 16: Last Mon went swimming early, went to Poly in order to leave at 11.00 for Bradford, only to find that we weren’t leaving ‘til half-one. Went to Bombay Brasserie, Indian Restaurant in a renovated church up a hill. IMAX cinema, Kodak museum, The Sun pub (rather like the DC in Leicester).
Returned home to find messages from ST Recruitment; they have arranged an interview for me with Smith & Nephew.
Thur 20: Phone call yesterday from Best Recruitment, did I want a job as a Tech Service Chemist? Yeah! I cried, then went off to see Mel Gibson in the Zeffirelli movie of ‘Hamlet’. Twin Peaks on Tues night was crazy…
Wed 26: Rain, rain and more rain. Slovenia and Croatia declaring independence from Yugoslavia, bombings and shootings. Went to Smith & Nephew for interview on Monday; very nice Victorian house, wood panelling, suit of armour on the stairs.

Journal Entry, 11 Feb ’92:
Two weeks ago had a letter from Champion Employment saying ‘We have a vacancy – contact us urgently.’ So I rushed along to see them and they told me the job was at Culham Labs, but that I was overqualified. Later that day went into the Jobcentre and spotted the same vacancy on the notice board, so I filled out a numbered slip and handed it to the receptionist who told me to take a seat. Then she called me over and informed me that the vacancy was closed.
Then this morning had a postcard from Paterson Recruitment saying ‘Contact us urgently, etc’ and of course it turned out to be the same job, so I posted them another new CV.
Had a letter-card from Gail McBride. Wrote off to Johnson Matthey for technician job.
Also today had a Restart Interview at the Dole Office, and while I was there I rang Key Personnel in B’ham asking if there had been any news about my Carrs interview (remember, the one which resulted in a ‘phone call telling me the job was mine); Bill Lloyd Smith wasn’t there, but one of the other staff said that no decision had yet been reached.
WLS rang later to say that Carrs were reorganising and had to defer the decision.


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