Disappearing Laptop

The mystery of the disappearing laptop, part 2:

Journal Entry, 29 Aug ’08:
Last night I found my letter from the Flat Agency, saying ‘we will put the keys under your door and then change the locks on Friday’. So I had the day off work and rang the agency to tell them my keys weren’t there. They told me that the council had given them until 1 Sept to change the locks to comply with new legislation.
Anyway, contractor turned up to fit new locks and hand over the keys. I pointed at the top lock and said “I’ve already had to change that one since my laptop got nicked” and mentioned the saga of the hot water (it took them five months to get round to restoring it).
Then I overheard the following exchange between the two contractors:
A: Does stuff often get nicked from here, then?
B: Yeah, that’s why we’ve had to fit new locks.

Journal Entry, 26 Aug ’08:
There have been 147 complaints from viewers concerning the new TV advert for ‘Orangina’ which features pornographic pole-dancing cartoon animals.
I’ve also seen a poster advertising a six-dimensional car: the new Citroën claims to have 400 cubic litres of boot space.
Just started work on answering Steve M’s OU questionnaire – entire thing riddled with spelling and grammatical blunders. So I’m writing a problem analysis based around a Bike Club fundraising event (Riverside debacle, MSC float fiasco, MAG rock nite).
Today is 50th anniversary of Vaughan-Williams’ death; they’re playing symphony no.9 at Proms – reminds me of Grasmere St when I had a tape of that in my Aiwa Walkman.

When I grow up, I want to be posh;
I’m going to live in a cul-de-sac
In a semi-detached house
With a lawnmower in the garage
And a neighbour who wears a suit to work.

Perhaps one day when I grow up
I’ll fall in love. I wonder what it’s like?


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