The Crumpled Twilight of the Tarnished Soul

Tues 1 Jan 2013:
Happy New Year! Last night I had an evening of reckless debauchery – stayed in with a box of ‘After Eights’ and watched ‘Lethal Weapon 4’ before falling into bed at about 11:00. It’s now quarter-past eight and I’m listening to the Ravel Piano Trio.

Journal Entry, Tue 4 Sep ’07:
Have been at work (EC) for two years tomorrow; wot have I done during that time?
Antwerp (twice), Nuremberg (once), three funerals (Mel, Ian, Val).
Two business distance learning courses (RDI and OU).
Sold the CB and bought the Deauville.
Bought dozens of CDs and books, and learned a lot about pigments, and joined the Manchester Section OCCA committee.

 Journal Entry, 10 May ’07:
Tuesday afternoon Alan drove us down to Stanstead to get the plane to Nürnberg. Arrived at hotel midnight to find the rest of the EC crew already in the bar cheering with delight when they spotted us. My suite was ginormous.
Got up early, grabbed a short Frühstuck, went on tube to the Messe Exhibition Hall, wandered round for hours – nowhere to sit down and eat.
While at the show called at the Sheen instruments stand to ask about glossmeters, and their guy (who had never met me) said ‘Didn’t you used to work at Carrs paints?’ Apparently Bob H is at HMG and Mick C is now a policeman.
Finished the show and came back – epic journey – 90 minute flight, 4 hour drive.

Journal Entry, 9 Aug ’07:
On Tuesday night rode up to Cramlington and got lost again. Weds morning went to interview at Cova; saw Colin T (Tech Mgr) and Doug Richie (HR Mgr) and Derek (CEO). Two of them asked if I was married or not, and all of them asked why I had changed jobs so frequently.
It turns out they’re looking for a replacement for Ray, who has been there for about forty years and is about to retire.
Whenever I attend job interviews, they always point out that I appear to jump from job to job and it doesn’t reassure them that I have a stable personality.
Perhaps I should have stayed put at Carrs Paints for 15 years. At least then my CV would fit happily on one side of A4. And I would never have joined MAG, or been to OCCA meetings or Surfex or the conference in Durham.
And I would still be carrying out unpaid overtime cleaning the spray booths. And I would never have been allowed to meet customers or suppliers.

Tues 1 Jan 2013:
After plunging into the Vortex of Dissipation last night (not), I felt bright enough to go out for a quick blast up the A580 to Haydock park, where I stopped for brekky at Little Chef. Would you believe they now have a drinks licence there? It was a tad fresh at about 10.00 when I passed the turn for Leigh. Glancing up, I beheld a rainbow in the sky.
As I was about to leave the car park, I checked my machine and found that the gear-change lever had worked loose and was about to drop off. Which, had it happened while I was doing eighty-five on the M6, might have made 2013 a remarkably brief year for me…

Journal Entry, 31 Dec ’09:
Clearing out all my belongings I came across a card sent from Gail McB in February 1992 – just before I landed my job at Carrs Paints. Oh, who would have ever dreamed that my life would turn out like this?
Had an e-mail reply from Andrew Foster asking where my new job was going to be. So KC didn’t actually approach him for a reference.
Gave Luke a stack of old BSH magazines for him to send out to the troops serving in the Middle East.


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