Andy Reina Yogi Bear….

Hi Andy and Reina and Yogi Bear,
Thanks for your text – I had (honest!) been planning to send you a Xmas card next week. It’s Monday night and I’ve just returned from the OCCA meeting at Prestwich (lovely fishcakes and chicken pie) and am about to collapse into bed with a mug of white chocolate Options. I know how to live….
A few weeks back I set off for Cornwall by train to spend Xmas with Jean (big sis) and then I had the joyful news that my bike is running again! So I’ve been tazzing round Salford in the rain to and from work – still don’t feel confident about doing long journeys on it.
I’ve actually used up my entire holiday allowance for this year, so I’m planning to go in to work over the Xmas/New Year gap, in order to let somebody else in the lab have those two days off.
In October I went for a job interview in Leeds; the work was interesting and the money was good, but I realised that they really wanted someone with lots of research experience (rather that 12 years of boring routine testing) so I turned down their offer of a second interview.
And I think I remembered what it was like to move house in the middle of winter – not nice!
Have been to the pictures a few times lately – Searching for Sugar Man (Rodriguez, who actually played Manchester on Sunday night), Skyfall (great), Argo (great), Cosmopolis, Holy Motors and Rust & Bone (all weird) and the new PT Anderson movie ‘The Master’ which I thought was dire. Perhaps I’m too dim to understand the subtle drama of this film, but I just felt disappointed.
Meanwhile at work we’ve been moving offices – three sets of people have been relocated into each other’s rooms for no apparent reason. My new office used to accommodate four people but now it holds seven of us (the magnificent seven, one of my colleagues said) and doesn’t even have a phone in it.
Today at work one of my senior colleagues issued a test method for VOC measurement. He was really annoyed when I pointed out that the ‘C’ stands for ‘compound’, not (as he had put) ‘content’ in the relevant EN ISO and ASTM standards.
Sorry haven’t been over to visit you during the year; now that I’m mobile once more, I can get to some rallies and stuff. Of course this morning the bike was gorgeously decorated with big clear beads of ice, so I decided to walk to work.
I’ve just seen a news item about the Chancellor’s autumn budget, in which he promises to reduce corporation tax. Does this mean that Starbucks and Amazon will be given a rebate next year? Just think how much first rate kit could be provided for the squaddies in Afghanistan if only these giant firms coughed up the appropriate level of tax…
Anyway, had some good news last night; my OU course results are out, and I’ve got a grade 3 pass (60%) in this module. To obtain a grade 1 you need to score over 85% on both coursework and exam…don’t ever let anybody say that the Open Uni is an easy ride! Love to the rest of the gang, Sian, Terry, Gaz and Carol, Ruth and Tango, Pikey and poor, poor Lou-Lou!

Have a great Xmas, see ya soon,



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