On Sunday afternoon I went to the Cornerhouse Cinema to see ‘Contre-Toi’, an intense thriller about a gyn-obs surgeon (Kristin Scott Thomas) who gets kidnapped by a stranger…it turns out that this bloke’s wife died on the operating table and he blames the surgeon.
It’s like a grim version of ‘Dr Phibes’. Most of the action is a neat two-hander between the stars (KST and Pio Marmaï) as the details of their connection gradually emerge. One aspect of the film put me in mind of a female spider devouring her mate after nuptial congress…
It’s strange to think that fifteen years ago (give or take four days) I went to see ‘Microcosmos’ at the Metro Cinema in Derby. This film features insects and rodents in a meadow, with a varied soundtrack of soaring strings and glowing brass interspersed with spiky florets of musical drama as the spiders, bugs and snails proceed to make love and war. There is no human element in this movie apart from two brief, elegant narratives delivered by Kristin Scott Thomas at the opening and concluding scenes.
Journal entry, 2 Aug ’97:
Walking into town was approached by a couple of bikers from Scotland asking where swim baths was. Took them along to Queens Centre.
Faxed map to Carnell.
Houghton Vaughan advertising again in New Scientist.
Masons is having a new Managing Director, Chris Steele. ‘Sounds like an American porn star’, I said.
Just been to pictures: ‘Microcosmos’. Amazing, perfect!

Journal entry, 3 May ’96:
Today at work chatted to everybody about leaving, told Colin W that I had been thinking about leaving for a whole year.
Naz asked me if Bob Lander had spoken to me yet.
‘About what?’ I asked, ‘The private life of Bruckner? How to cook steak diane? Post-impressionist art exhibitions?’
Bob L and Kim and Dave Gunn were all on site today and not one of them spoke a word to me. Stu rang up, spoke to me but didn’t mention departure. Bill Davis rang up and ditto ditto.




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