Tacko Jacko

Journal Entry, Wed 5 Feb 2003:
Last night on TV (which I have not) Martin Bashir interviewing Michael Jackson (one-time pop singer, was in boy-band and had briefly glorious solo career before descent into madness).
Apparently he lives in a castle, fun-fair in garden, has young boys sharing his bed (!) and has had so much plastic surgery he looks like an extra from the ‘Thriller’ video. And spends vast amounts of money on absolute tat. Tacko Jacko!
It almost makes you long for those far-off days when rock star exploits involved expensive cars and swimming pools, naked groupies and dead sharks, and Marianne Faithfull wrapped in a fur rug while Mick and Keef and their friends wander round being exquisitely pharmaceutical.
And I bet M Jackson doesn’t have a second-hand silk tie with a Marinetti-type Futurist design.

Journal Entry, 7 Apr 2003:
Interview at Hunting Ind Coatings, just me and Tech Dir, their product range ties in with my experience exactly. He was v encouraging and said ‘If they (the agency) don’t contact you within a few days about a second interview, you’d better give them a push’.

Journal Entry, 10 Apr 2003:
Letter from recruitment agency – Hunting are no longer interested in pursuing my application.

Journal Entry, 16 Jun 2002:
In today’s paper:
Estate Agents Chief Exec tells first-time buyers to stay off the housing ladder until things cool down;
Aldermaston, AWE plans to build huge Nuclear Weapons facility:
Millennium dome and surrounding land have been given to Philip Anschutz, American financier who supports far-right extremists;
Arthur Anderson guilty of shredding ‘Enron’ documents;
Article about Mike Tyson, explaining how he quietly gives financial support to fellow boxers in need.


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