Twenty Kilos of Pu

In the news, 20 May 2012: convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi has died, three years after being released from prison. Apparently he was seriously ill with cancer and had just a few months left. The whole case has thrown up loads of conspiracy theories regarding who actually carried out the bombing…

Journal entry, Sat 3 Feb 2001:
Rejection letter from Avecia. Not brisk and rude, but fairly long. Spent last night writing out German notes.
On Radio 2 – early Cliff Richard recordings in Spanish.
In the news:
Corus (British Steel as was) to cut UK production by 20 percent and get rid of 6000 workers. Chairman Brian Moffat has blamed the gov’t for creating unfavourable economic conditions.
Meanwhile Khalifa Fhimah has returned to Tripoli after having been acquitted of the Lockerbie bombing (Pan-Am flight 103), and is pictured with Col Gaddafi (who looks like a drag queen).
BBC coverage of the forthcoming Gen Election is to be handled by a team of women reporters.
The Pine Island Glacier, largest on West Antarctic, has started to melt away rapidly.
Gov’t has announced a £600m pay deal for teaching industry. Starting salaries outside London up to 17k. Wow!
Following Indian earthquake (Bhuj, in Gujarat) about 15000 bodies have been recovered but the same number is trapped beneath destroyed buildings and epidemics of cholera and typhoid expected.
Have just noticed that my NI number is incorrect on Allied Dunbar pensions letter.

Journal entry, Tue 11 Sep 2011:
Quiet day; nothing much happened until this afternoon when the World Trade Centre and Pentagon were attacked by suicide bombers using hijacked passenger jets.
Colossal mayhem and destruction: all flights suspended, London Stock Exchange closed for security.

(May 2012 Commentary: one of the passengers on board United Flight 93 at 9/11 was a keen rugby player called Mark Bingham, in whose memory an international tournament is held every two years. The Bingham Trophy games are due to start in Manchester in a week’s time)

Journal entry, Fri 27 Apr 2001:
Went up to Hilton Hotel on the A6 (interview). Met David Keen and chatted all about my career etc. Mentioned karate; his colleague does some and is giving a demo at the NIA tomorrow.
Talked about bike rallies – MAG – German classes – ECDL – UV moulding of things from resin.
Went along to Mason’s, found the place in upheaval, lots of people made redundant, shifted out to W Brom and Bury. Saw Mike H, Daves Williams, Tommo and Redfern, and Keithy W.
Went to Bike-Tec, booked in for new chain and sprockets.
Today’s post: application form for Malcolm Enamellers – wanted lots of info; bank details, trade union membership, number of children etc. But form carries no company name, address or phone no, so I tore up and threw away.

Three Systems

So, farewell then, Tamworth;
For even as we speak there are
Twenty kilos of plutonium heading
Your way. And while it won’t exactly
Break my heart to see
You looking like the surface of the moon
I have to say it won’t
Have come a day too soon.

Goodbye, my home town, Tamworth;
Would anyone have ever guessed that
All those years of mining coal
Had left you sitting on an empty cave?
And though it’s obviously for the best
It was a shame, that cold October night
When cars and houses, people, trees
And dogs were swallowed by the friendly earth.

No-one bought a mirror in Tamworth
After the day the virus came to town;
Some people kept their sight if not their faces
And stepping round the pools of blood
Continued on their merry way, in search
Of all the cheap distractions that you find
From time to time in quiet places
When all one wants is to be left behind.
(25 Nov 2000)

Other news: Donna Summer and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau died on Thursday. How spooky is that? There is widespread alarm at the prospect of the Greek economy imploding. Fortunately, the ECB is ready to come to the rescue by pumping untold billions of Euros into struggling financial empires – Ireland, Portugal, Spain. It’s great to know that countries can receive endless bail-outs whan they can’t export any manufactured goods; a bit like the UK, where the jobless are paid to sit at home and fester. Welcome to dystopia!


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