Visions of St Erth

 Journal Entry, 17 May ’90:

Recent news: two IRA bombs in the past week, one of them yesterday in Wembley. Loads of schools have removed beef from the menu over Mad Cow (BSE) scares. Sammy Davis Jr and Jim Henson died.
First it was Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’, then his ‘Irises’, now it’s ‘Dr Gachet’ which is the world’s most expensive painting (£49m). Tonight, Sotheby’s auction ‘Moulin de la Galette’. God knows how much that will fetch.

At work Antonio went off to play tennis and returned wearing shorts and t-shirt. Peter Phillips spotted him and shouted ‘Oi! Just ‘cos this place is run like a holiday camp doesn’t mean you have to dress the part!’

20 Sep ’88:

Thursday got 7.30 am train to Reading, then to St A. Arrived 12.45, went to Thin End, went to meet Jen, back to Thin End.
Went to Italian restaurant and had huge pile of chicken and mushroom noodles, then went to Fun Pub round corner and had a Babycham.
Went to Hoi Tin Chinese in St Ives, then to amusement arcade; ‘ooh, let’s go in!’ cried Jean who went on to win £££ with her first 10p.
Went to car boot sale – Terry bought a Sooty xylophone, saw some Peters & Lee and Bay City Rollers albums.
Went to St Erth’s Church fundraising in the grounds of Sir John Nott’s house. Terry won two coconuts at the shy and some Soccer Shields.
Went to Lanhydrock House and saw furniture and books and paintings and musical instruments and clothes and the tin bath used by Earl Clifton and so much else.

Last night went with Julie to Berni Inn. A young man bounded up to our table: “Would the lady like a red rose?” said he, proffering one.
“I don’t think so!” I snarled.

19 May ’94:

Yesterday morning had phone call from Alec B at work to tell me that my (PhD) thesis was being rejected by the Research Degrees C’ttee because the corrections had been listed in an Errata rather than being worked into the text (in this, I’d followed KWA’s instructions exactly).So anyway, I’m off to Di’s in Kiddie to collect the Sis and cover it in Tippex.
Last night my new Tape Deck swallowed up some Mendelssohn and Schubert. Good job it wasn’t Deborah Harry!

19 Feb 2012

Well, I’ve just been watching Ms Harry on Youtube and it reminded me of the time in 1980 that I bought a 12-inch single of ‘Atomic’. And then I remember seeing her on the front cover of the NME, brandishing a handgun: “Go Ahead, Punk!” screamed the headline, “Make My Day!”

I can’t help thinking that Deborah Harry had more charisma than everybody else in the Pop Charts (okay, more charisma than everybody else in the world). And then I found this journal entry:

I’d rather be Deborah Harry than Bill Gates;
I want to set the world alight
And watch the youngsters find their wings
Never want to sleep  through midnight
Instead to be the songbird who creates
Another destination, one more bright future
Like a message in a bottle, the elixir
Of everlasting rapture
Floods into my starving eyes until
I can take no more of these exalted things.
11 Dec 2000


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