Two Songs

Don’t Need Love

Don’t need no love, no way, no how
Feel as though my life’s complete
Don’t wanna fall beneath the spell
Of a stranger on the street;
Don’t want to be enchanted by
The perfect form of a firm behind
Belonging to some handsome boy
Don’t want to find myself seduced
By the rugged mate of an ex-affair
Who remembers being introduced
One drunken night in who-knows-where?
This fake delight, don’t need no love;
You’ll hate yourself when morning comes
’Cos that’s the way it always goes
I name this ship Don’t Need No Love.
(5  Sep, 2001)

Epistle for Toyah

The stars at night point out the corners
Of a cage that holds our frozen dreams
But why are we afraid to sleep
When every kind of soul is here;
Some trapped by logic, drowned in coloured smoke
And all caught up in futile games of chance.

Our dreams at night hold up the towers
That send the thunder far into the hills
And elevates our hunger to a passion long unknown.
My soul begins to waste away
Corrupted by the fumes of doubt, for
Do we not sleep; are we not dead? Or was it
Just the shutting of another prison door?

The thunder opens wide the sky
And lets us see the stars again, reflected
In the selfish curve of any old zinc bowl.
But who can I surrender to, when
All the lies have faded to the colour of despair?
(26  April  2003)


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