Xmas 2007

Journal Entries:

23 Dec ’07:     It’s 10 a.m. and I’m listening to Poulenc choral music. It was foggy this morning and beads of water are gleaming on the end of all the twigs on next-door’s tree. Last night B— turned up while I was listening to DSCH Sonata 1. “Why is someone practicing their scales & learning to play piano on the radio?” he asked.

24 Dec ’07:    Went to Aldi & bought some MP wine and venison paté to go on my steak. And some Belgian waffles to have with chocolate sauce, cream and advocaat.
Lovely watching all the straight couples trying to shop for gifts & becoming exasperated.
Went to Marks and Spencer – they’re selling free range turkeys for £60. Couldn’t find any foie gras.

25 Dec ’07:   Very foggy this morning – the end of next door’s garden (70 yards away?)can’t be seen.
Trees stark black against pearl-grey mist.
Opened window at 8.45 and heard siren – don’t know if it was Police or Ambulance.

Eight-Line Poem

Like a foolish woman dealing Tarot cards
I spread my photos out upon the floor
And wait for lost connections to emerge.

Sometimes I wish I could replace
The people on the pictures with some
Other friends I’ll never see again.

There are some gifts that cannot be unwrapped
By eager hands on Christmas Day;
And I have dreams no-one can take away.


25 Dec (cont):   Of course, in her poem ‘The Shadow of Cain’ Dame Edith anticipated String Theory –
“The point that flows until it becomes the line of time…”   This sort of text would respond well to some Boulez-type ring modulation. Listening to ‘In the Mist’ and Seal.

30 Sep ’07:    Friday night went straight from work to the Ribs Rally – or would have done if the road through Macclesfield hadn’t been closed. Ended up taking a detour along the Cat & Fiddle – nightmare!
Spent most of rally in Control Tent – we had been shifted from our original site to another two miles down the road because the landlord had allowed the Scooter Club to book the field for the weekend.

So all weekend we had Mods riding into the entrance and asking where all the scooters were. And their event was called ‘Run to the Shires’. Meanwhile we had lots of blokes dolled up as Miss World candidates.

24 Jun ’07:   Sue also remarked that the location for the new Supercasino should have been chosen by throwing dice….


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