The Lawson Agenda

Various Journal Entries

26 Oct ’89: Three days ago we were sitting in the lab drinking tea and reading Ye Grauniad. “Of course, you know what will happen” said I, “Nigel Lawson will take offence at Sir Alan and storm out of his job in a carefully rehearsed impromptu resignation.”
I think I said this would occur in a few weeks.
Anyway, the old boy’s gone. Today. Kaput!
Phone call from Jean – she’s coming up on 3rd November with Suzy. We must go for drinx. Meanwhile, 250 000 protesters marching in Leipzig. E Germany v unpopular place.

2 Nov ’89: I dare say Tory supporters got up this morning & thought ‘Oh well, a whole week since Lawson resigned and the world hasn’t ended. Nothing can happen worse than that now.’
Alas, smooth Cecil Parkinson (adulterous transport secretary) has been accused of insider dealing. Gosh!
Jaguar has been bought by Ford for 1.6 billion pounds – presumably this will cancel the October trade deficit figures almost exactly.

20 Jan ’91: Allies still attacking Irq. Iraq still attacking Israel, who haven’t retaliated yet.
Last night went to The Bell for Lyn’s birthday disco. Spent the night drinking ‘K’ Cider and letching. I had planned to go for a couple of drinks and then leave for The Apollo, but in the end the police threw us out at about 1.00 a.m. I was exceedingly drunk and had several dances with Lyn, Minna & Avril. Came downstairs this morning to find three post-it notes saying ‘Close The Door Quietly’.

9 Feb ’92: Two weeks ago had interview with Carr’s Paints, went to Hallidays, collected watch from Les’s, saw Dad & Glad and returned here to find that Key Personnel had rung and said that I was going to be offered the job.
Went into Jobcentre and found a vacancy at Long Products – anti corrosion coatings. Their man just rang (on a Sunday – I ask you!) to see if I was available for interview.
Last Wednesday went to London to hear Evelyn Glennie at the QEH with Bournemouth Sinf. & Tamas Vasary. At Steve’s flat Steve H said ‘I’m going to become a schizophrenic’ and Steve Morgan scoffed: ‘You have enough trouble holding down one personality!’
Went to see M&C and got roaring drunk.

3 May ’89: Monday morning met Di, Adrian and Elaine at 5.30 in town, watched choir on Magdalene Tower serenade the dawn, saw Morris Dancers and didgeridoo player, went to Chequers at 7.30 a.m. and had cyder, then back to Elaine’s for fry-up breakfast.
Tues night went with James and Steve to NMR cinema, watched ‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen’ – marvellous film!
Today went for a spin in the Kougar; hair still swept back.


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