Zombies and Zenith

Journal Entry, Mon 5 May 2008:

“It’s about 2.30 in the morning; I’m listening to ‘Octopus’ by the Human League, a tape I bought from HMV years ago when I was living at Clent Villas – 1995. And like all good music it carries me away.

And what else happened in the early ‘90s?

Interview with Ted Chellingsworth at Carrs Paints, after which I was called by Key Personnel and told that the job was mine – great excitement at Campbell Towers, Leon and Dave had taken frantic phone calls.

Job offer withdrawn a couple of weeks later.

Next interview at Carrs with BH – ‘We don’t really need anyone with your background, you won’t fit in.’ And then, on my first day I was taken to see BM (Chief Acc’tant) who asked which paint company I had come from. When I told him I’d never worked in paint before he shot a look of hatred and disgust at BH.

And then RS asked me how long I was with them for; he was under the impression that I was a temporary placement student.

Last Saturday we had a National Lottery draw (as every week); there were several winning tickets so the winners only got 800 grand. And each of these tickets may be a syndicate of ten, thirty or fifty persons – so each individual player could get 16 grand.

In the news: 150 Estate Agents’ offices are closing every week in the UK. Hurrah!”


Journal Entry, 15 May 2008:

“Last night went to town for Zombies gig. The whole of M’cr city centre was overrun by 100000 rangers fans. The huge TV screen packed in shortly after the start of the match, and the crowd went mad, hurling bottles and attacking coppers.

The coming of the event was hailed as a huge benefit to Manchester: £250 million trillion pounds to the local economy. Instead of which, all the trams and buses were cancelled, all taxis taken, bus shelters wrecked, windows of Boots destroyed.

And after gig I had to walk home, one-and-a-quarter hours. Tormented fans, beaten 2-0  by Zenit St Petersburg.


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