Mel’s Funeral Service

Journal Entry, 02 Dec 2005:

Mel’s Funeral Service, Derby crematorium.

Got train to Derby, cab to Crem. Various Excalibur and Wozwolf people were there early. More people arrived; in distance heard this faint rumble, then realised it was a cortege of bikes.

Really dramatic entrance.

Everyone was there – Andy & Reina, Scoot, John S, Liz and Colin, Otto, Mary (who told me they’d all gone for a drink in The Crown and only she had realised it was gay).

The crem was packed, dozens of people waiting outside. Atop the coffin were a wooden guitar, bottle of Newky Brown (with a pink hair-scrunchie around the neck) and a crash-helmet.

During service they played The Andrews Sisters, ‘Don’t Fence Me In’ and the Toy Dolls, ‘Nellie the Elephant’.

Looking through pockets of my slim black overcoat, I found an Oxford Bus Company ticket dated 15/02/90. Wow! Price: 53p return – would that have been from Corpse Lane to Town?

Was I really alive in 1990? How many hundred lifetimes ago?


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