Two Journal Entries

Two journal entries; with commentary


25 March 1996:

Last night went to flix to see ‘Trainspotting’ – absolutely vile, v funny, bleak and witty. Saw young Andy in R66 – he gave us phone no.

A few weeks ago Stuart sent out an order that everyone’s academic qualifications should be faxed over to him. I listed three ‘O’ and three ‘A’ levels, and a degree.

Lo and behold, five minutes later he was on the phone to Dave, then to me – ‘Tim, why haven’t you got a PhD?’
Me (lying through my teeth):  ‘Cause I never resubmitted my Thesis.’
Stu: ‘Oh…I thought you were a Doctor.’

21 November 2011:

Yesterday we had an e-mail from Lynda, saying that she needed to compile a list of aptitudes in the dept, and asking us to fill out a chart of our experience in terms of the NVQ scale. Just like Stu back in ’96 asking for a list of all our qualifications.


(It was disconcerting to be asked for a list of our qualifications at Carrs, since I and my colleagues were expected to spend hours of unpaid overtime cleaning the spray-booths and mopping the lab floor. I resented the idea that my academic achievements would be used to enhance the value of the firm, while my actual job was routine and poorly-paid. Several months after this incident, the company was sold to Du Pont. Three years later, production ceased and the site was closed down.)


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