Journal Entries – various

10 April 1997: “Oh Martina! She was like my very own Hale-Bopp comet, small, white and fragile, swooping in orbit from B’ham to Warwick, Cornwall and Derby, shedding money and pollution around the UK.

Not just a vehicle, more a way of life, she was an eccentric assembly of mechanical faults.

Including insurance, road tax and AA membership and repairs, she cost about £3400 to run for three years. And today, at last, she was towed away to be scrapped.

Meanwhile…today at work we were ushered into the office and addressed by Mike Hannah – projects were not producing results, we were spending too much time sitting round talking & drinking tea. We were to be judged on results.

We must make 6-week plans of work in hand, and we must be more innovative, despite being a ‘young & inexperienced dept’.”


23 March 1996: “An interesting week at work – Nick Carr has noticed that the factory’s production (litres per man-hour) is lower than Artillery Street so he’s decided to sack a few people.

Kim wants us all to keep a diary explaining what we do hour by hour. Doug has been asking Taz for a record of all the skips he cleans.

Last week at karate: Riaz; ‘watch the blocking hand, not the striking hand’. Today he did Kushanku bunkai & nearly killed Raj, Jade & Nicky.

Tomorrow – CBT bike lesson. Tried to ring Phil & Aidan but no luck.

Printed off a couple of CV.

A new memo from Naz – he has noticed cratering and has decided that it’s entirely due to dirt on our overalls. As from Monday we all have to wear new nylon overalls when spraying out anything.

Kim has complained that Mick C  ‘isn’t being sufficiently pro-active’. If he hands in his notice, will that be sufficiently pro-active?”


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