Cornwall, December 2009: 5 Hours by Train

From The Guardian Website, 28 Dec 2017:
Influential Tory former minister Nick Boles has condemned the idea of a universal basic income to cushion workers against the rise of robots as “dangerous nonsense”.

“Mankind is hard-wired to work. We gain satisfaction from it. It gives us a sense of identity, purpose and belonging … we should not be trying to create a world in which most people do not feel the need to work.”

From the BBC News Website:
Half the members of the House of Lords clock in and out of Parliament for a few minutes a day in order to claim a £300 daily attendance allowance, a former Conservative peer has said.

Lord Hanningfield made the claim when challenged to explain his own attendance record. In 2011, he served nine weeks of a nine-month sentence for parliamentary expenses fraud totalling nearly £14,000.
During his trial, a court was told he had submitted false claims for hotel bills including one when he was actually on board a flight to India at the time, and that he had fraudulently claimed for train fares and car mileage.

From The Guardian Website, 25 Apr 2017:
The Trussell Trust runs a network of 420 food banks across the UK, and has distributed 11 thousand tonnes of food over the period 2016-17. Many of their clients are families waiting for Universal Credit payments to be issued.

According to WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme, the UK wastes about 7 million tonnes of food every year, more than half of which is fit for consumption.

Across the UK there are over 600 thousand empty homes. Meanwhile, the agency Shelter reports that there are 270 thousand cases of homelessness being handled by Local Authorities.

In November 2016, Countryside Properties brushed aside fears about the health of the UK’s property market as it reported a 34 per cent jump in operating profits to £123m.
But in March 2017, Shelter reported that about half the occupants of new-build housing had complained about problems with finishing and utilities. It also turns out that many new build homes were sold as ‘Leasehold’ meaning that the owner has to pay rent on the land – an unspecified sum which can be increased without warning or right of appeal.

Journal Entry, August 1990: Frustrating day at work. Tried applying primer solution between 0.5 and 3.5 percent, unable to quantify film thickness. Bond strength values: 1.31, 1.16, 1.29, 1.04, 16.83, 41.22, 184.91, 178.61, 182.58. Even at the lowest bond strength, the electron microscope pictures show the same frond formations on the failed surfaces. Not sure if physical entanglement responsible for the adhesive performance. Adding zinc phosphate gives much sharper SEM images; might be coordinating to the chlorine atoms on the primer.



No players decorate this football pitch; instead
Abandoned storage drums three-quarters full
Of rancid disappointment stand around
While dirty goalposts gather rust, condemned
To wait forever in this silent field.

Today at work I weighed some clouds; they nestled
In their fallen bowl
Subdued by accidental dreams
Instead of bursting rain or taking shape.

Last night my dreams were made of wood
They creaked and sang as all
The xylene vapours made their great escape.

Tomorrow night I’ll wait for you
On the corner of Radium Street again
Watched by a moonlit poster hanging torn
From the wall of an abandoned shop. The dust
In the window remembers me, though you do not.


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